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Stainless Steel Balls
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Stainless Steel Balls 420C
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AISI 420C, W 1.3541, X47Cr14

Diameter range:

Hardened Stainless Steel
AISI Type 420 -C stainless steel balls afford the advantage of maximum hardness combined with corrosion-resisting properties. This hardness, together with precise geometry and fine surface finish, makes them especially useful for both bearing and valve applications in petroleum refineries and other severe environmental applications.
Consumable electrode vacuum melted (CEVM) and vacuum induction melted/vacuum arc remelted (VIM-VAR) material is available upon request. All sizes and grades of corrosion-resisting hardened stainless steel balls are passivated.
Chemical Analysis AISI 420-C
C=0.42-0.50%, Cr=12.5-14.5%, Mn=max 1.0%, Si=max 1.0% maximum, S=max 0.025%, P=max 0.025%, Mo=0.40-0.65%, Ni=max 1%, Cu=max 0,3%
Mechanical Properties AISI 420-C
Ball hardness is controlled with an eight point range of 52-55 Rockwell "C" as measured on parallel flat surfaces. Also, Type 420 -C stainless steel balls are magnetic. Custom heat treating is available for special hardness requirements.

Tensile strength:
200 kgs/mm2
Yield strength:
193.2 kgs/mm2
Modulus of elasticity:
20.392 kgs/mm2
HRC 53 – 57
7.750 g/cm³



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