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Preparation before installation

Release time:2019-04-04  Click:2270

Bearings should be installed in clean, dry places, especially for miniature bearings, must be in a clean place, because any contaminated particles will have a great impact on the effectiveness of bearings. Before installation, all installation tools, shafts, bearing seats and corresponding parts should be clean, and any burrs and crushing should be removed as far as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to check the roughness, dimension and design accuracy of the joint surface of the shaft and bearing seat to ensure that they are within the allowable tolerance range. Do not unpackage the bearing before the installation preparation is completed to avoid pollution. Usually, bearings with grease lubricants do not need to remove rust inhibitors during installation; but for oil lubricants or in cases where grease and rust inhibitors can lead to reduced lubrication, anti-rust should be washed with benzene or petroleum solvents and dried before use. If the packing has been damaged or the bearing has been polluted, it should be cleaned and dried before use. Bearings with shields and seals can not be washed.


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