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The speed of rolling bearings is subject to certain limits. When bearings are operating, the higher the speed, the higher the bearing temperature due to friction. The limiting speed is the empirically obtained value for the maximum speed at which bearings can be continuously operated without failing from seizure or generation of excessive heat. Consequently, the limiting speed of bearings varies depending on such factors as bearing type and size, cage form and material, load, lubricating method, and heat dissipating method including the design of the bearing's surroundings.

The limiting speeds for bearings lubricated by grease and oil are listed in the bearing tables. The limiting speeds in the tables are applicable to bearings of standard design and subjected to normal loads, i. e. C/P≥ 12 and Fa /Fr≤ 0.2 approximately. The limiting speeds for oil lubrication listed in the bearing tables are for conventional oil bath lubrication.


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